Over that time the program has evolved into what you are now experiencing, and will continue to develop, in large part due to you and your predecessors. As a human centred design educational experience, it is fitting that the program responds to those who inhabit it.

While the MDF…

We (RMIT School of Media and Communication and MDF) are very excited to be sponsoring the inaugural Women’s Leadership Award in Architecture and Design (Australia).

Unlike most awards which are about the things that people make, this award acknowledges the leadership practices of women that have helped develop our fields. Please encourage any woman you know who is a leader who should be recognised to apply.

Reprinted from a partner content piece on Women’s Agenda, Feb 2017

But leadership that incorporates design thinking into crafting new solutions for products and services, and even across some of the biggest challenges of our time (think climate change, the ageing population and childcare), can be transformative.

That’s why more…

Design researchers of diverse persuasions reflect upon the last ten years in their respective fields, and they imagine the changes that might be seen in the next ten. These 3–5 minute videos capture designerly vignettes of the near future from a global perspective.

The Design Future Lab partners the Master of Design Futures. DFL members are design researchers and educators, largely working in the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the RMIT School of Media and Communication.

RMIT’s Master of Design Futures is a graduate education program for working professionals who want to learn about meaningful, potent and valuable domains for design practice.

The Program is fully online, and has a strong sense of being a Program community. That is, regardless of the course you are in — whether its your first or last — you are crucial to the conversations in the community.

Your own experiences and expertise feed into a different…

The courses are fully online and sequential. They can be taken as 12 months full-time or 24 months part-time. We estimate that you will need to devote approximately 6–9 hours per week for each 24cp course, and slightly less for the 12cp courses.

Over the Program you will be exposed…

You’re already an experienced designer. Now it’s time to lead through design and use your creativity strategically.

The Master of Design Futures (MDF) is an accelerated post-professional program for experienced designers wanting to apply their skills to strategic and leadership roles.

This is a graduate education program for working professionals…

Marius Foley

Lead, RMIT Master of Design Futures — emergent design practices & the impact of design in the world https://medium.com/master-of-design-futures

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